The Webmaster @ 16 October 2017

Online Ready Reference Launched

We have recently launched the online version of the Financial Analysis Certificate Ready Reference.

This replaces the printed booklet previously handed out with courses, and hopefully will be more useful, as the various lists can be filtered and sorted, just like Excel lists.

The Webmaster @ 17 May 2017

Social Connect Login

We have enabled social connection login to make it easier and more convenient to login to the site. Once you click one of the social icons to login, the system will redirect you to that social web site to complete login and authorisation (we do not get involved in that).

Once you have identified yourself to the social network provider, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc, they verify back to our site that you have logged-in appropriately and are recognised as a valid user.

On the first login, you will be asked to link that login with a new email account or an existing user login.

If you have been given login credentials by us, use the lower boxes and associate it with the login email address previously advised. You will need your password one final time for this.

If ayou associate the login with an email address unknown to the web site, you will have access, but no resources will be allocated. You will need to wait 48 hours for us to verify your status and provision your account.

We hope this smplifies the process of using our site. Good luck!

The Webmaster @ 08 December 2016

New Support Portal Live

Our new support portal for students and clients has now gone live. Different options will automatically be displayed, depending upon how you engage with us, as a current student, a past student or a client with an active project.

New knowledgebase articles will start being published during the coming weeks, to provide further information for past students to assist with design and technical issues with the models and analytical workbooks they are building.

To take full advantage of the new support portal, a login is required. Active and immediately past students will receive their login credentials over the next week or so, but if we have lost touch with you, due to change in contact details, you can make a request for login here: Login Request.

The Webmaster @ 08 December 2016

Support Portal Mobile Friendly

The new support portal is now fully responsive and should be much easier to use on mobile devices.