Brisbane: United Services Club

Venue Location

The United Services Club at:
183 Wickham Terrace


Introduce yourself at reception, who will arrange sign-in and then they will direct you to the event space.


On-site parking is available and must be booked in advance through us. The rate for function attendees is $25.00 per day.

Dress Code

As this is a private club, there is a dress code to which we must adhere and which is set out in full  here.  For our function, Modern Business Professional (Coat optional) or Smart Casual is required. In brief: "Gentlemen as a minimum, are required to wear a collared open neck shirt or plain polo shirt, with casual trousers (denim included), casual shoes (sneakers or open toed sandals excluded).  Ladies as a minimum,  are required to wear  blouse or plain polo shirt, slacks or casual trousers or knee-length skirt and casual footwear.  If in doubt, check the illustrated guidelines at the link."