Course Files Download

Course files are available for download for all course materials issued since 2006. Please follow the instructions below to download a zipped archive of the course files, regardless of whether they were supplied originally on CD-ROM, zipped archive or via file link.

File Download Request

To retrieve a link to the course file set, please provide the following information and click the Submit button.

Course Name:
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under the correct delivery mode

Course Code:
Shown on flyleaf of all course notes and at
bottom of each page in recent course notes

Publish/Release Date
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Notes for Old Materials Issued with CD-ROM

For materials which were originally issued with a CD-ROM, replacement files may be downloaded by following the instructions given in the download form. The zipped archive which is downloaded contains all the files as originally supplied, arranged in the originally supplied directories.

Also, please note that the instructions in the Introduction that explain how to access a single file directly from the web are no longer relevant. Since all files are now only available in a zipped archive, it is no longer necessary to provide access to the files on a file by file basis.

Working With Zipped Archives

If your operating system does not support compressed archives, you will need an archive program, such as WinZip or 7-Zip to extract and work with the archived files.

7-Zip is available as freeware and can be downloaded from

We recommend extracting files from the archive to a working directory first as some students have reported experiencing problems editing and saving files when opened directly from the archive.

Online Browser Login

Note that if you enrolled in distance learning studies through UTS, or attended a class offered by Clarkson ITT or UTS direct to the public, a login is available to allow you to access your files via an online file explorer interface, which provides a better all-round experience and provides access to extra content.